Aki Suzuki Spirits Planet Earth No.3 “Aino – Kalevala” is a story written by Aki Suzuki, inspired by the Japanese “Mugen Noh” (a type of Noh play made up of a dream or illusion).

The story: An old, mysterious woman approaches a traveling monk and starts to recount a story of the surrounding scenery. The old woman tells the suspicious monk that she would appear in his dream at night and continue her story if he wants to know more. She is the spirit of Aino who refused to marry Väinämöinen and drowned herself.

Performers : Jani Honkaselkä, Hanna Häyhä, Juha Mäkelä, Yuko Takeda,Saara Laakso ja Aki Suzuki.

Visual : Jaakko Pesonen, sound : Saku Nurmiranta